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Queer as Folk fanfiction

Restrictions - You must be 18 years old or over to read/post your fiction here. Please make sure you have your full date of birth on your profile page due to the adult themed content of many of our stories, if not, your request will be will not be granted.

Comments - are always welcome, we sometimes need encouragement.

Content - All posts must be QAF or lgbtqia related. If you want to post about Cumberbatch, etc. please do so on your personal journal.

All pairings from Queer as Folk USA are accepted including RPS and crossovers from other shows.

Tags - Please include your user name and other relevant tags.

Discretion – Absolutely no bashing others, anyone’s work, journals, or subject matter. Please contact the mods if you have any concerns.

Plagiarism - Obviously no one is to post any work that’s not their own. That’s plagiarism and is a BIG NO NO

Posting Rules - All posts can be cross-posted with your personal or community journals, as well as Midnight Whispers, AO3, etc.

The Higher Powers - All post will be monitored. Anything that doesn't conform will be taken down or the user will be notified that changes need to be made to remain posted.